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(Enlarge) C. Milton Wright Principal Marlene Molter gives it her all in trying to dunk a teacher during a fundraiser to raise money to send C. Milton Wright’s team to the Destination ImagiNation global finals in Knoxville, Tenn., where they will use their creative problem solving skills to compete against other students. (Nicole Munchel | Aegis staff)

The C. Milton Wright High School Destination ImagiNation team used those imaginations effectively on Thursday for a fundraiser.

To help raise the $3,500 necessary to go to global finals in Knoxville, Tenn., the team hosted a dunking booth with nine teacher volunteers. After the lunch session, coach Patty Ganol said they had raised $350, but were planning on opening the dunking booth after school as well.

Ticket prices were $5 for three chances, $10 for seven chances or for $20 students could just walk up and hit the target. Six to seven kids chose the $20 option and one student even donated $50, Ganol said.

“It really brought the students and teachers together,” she said. “It was just a fun activity to kind of put them in a different playing field.”

The finals are scheduled for May 25 through 28, Ganol said, and C. Milton is joined by 10 other Harford County teams.

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