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The Harford County Liquor Control Board will consider, at the end of this month, whether to give a tentative license to a new restaurant at the former Tully’s of Fallston location.

Tully’s of Fallston was the latest in a string of licensees and owners to plague the Fallston corner. For years, the Tully’s location has been the scene of numerous incidents and liquor board violations, but a new owner and licensee may get an opportunity to shatter that tarnished reputation.

“We treat every application the same,” Donald Hess, chair of the liquor board, said Tuesday. “We try to be fair with them all and we will see what happens when it comes before us.”

The new restaurant at 2403 Belair Road — the Mallet Restaurant and Crab House — is scheduled to open this summer, and, according to the new owners, will be nothing like Tully’s.

The licensees for the Mallet Restaurant and Crab House have applied for a tentative liquor license for the sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits on premise only.

A hearing before the liquor board is scheduled for June 30, according to Administrator Kathryn Thess.

The applicants for the license include Thomas Graden, Colleen Graden and Maureen Hartueb.

Hess, who said he has not seen the application for the new restaurant, said the liquor board is always mindful of the history of the location, but added, “I can’t say the location is the problem.” He went on to say: “The problem is the applicant and the licensee.”

Commissioner Randy Worthington said he is going to wait until the hearing to decide whether the tentative license should be granted.

“I’m going to hold off judgment until I see what they are proposing to do and what they have in mind,” he said, adding that he is going to be honest and fair.

David Diem, one of the co-owners of the new restaurant, said the licensees will be giving a presentation on the transformation of the new restaurant, offering before and after pictures.

“It is going to be a new place to go to have a good time, hang out and enjoy some food,” he said.

In with the new

The Mallet Restaurant and Crab House is scheduled to open late in July, and the Mallet Seafood Market, the carryout crab shack on the same property, will open this weekend, along with Fallston Shaved Ice on the upper parking lot.

“We are doing a whole 180 degrees from what it has been in the past,” Diem said.

Diem said the entire building was refurbished along with the crab shack, completely erasing the memory of the former restaurant.

“It’s like walking into a brand new facility,” he said, adding that all of the green, Tully’s signature color, has been removed.

The upstairs restaurant has been remodeled and a new kitchen has been installed, according to Diem.

The upstairs bar has also been remodeled into a martini bar, which is more formal than the pub that is downstairs.

Diem said the nightclub, which has been the scene of numerous incidents at Tully’s, has been transformed into a multipurpose “crab room” for patrons to enjoy crabs. The room can hold up to 300 people, according to Diem.

The disc jockey booth in the former nightclub was removed, new paint was applied and new flooring was installed, according to Diem.

Diem said it is the restaurant’s intention to host different events in the multipurpose room, including banquets, comedy shows and bingos.

He said some schools have expressed an interest in hosting a basket bingo, a popular fundraiser for high schools.

“We plan on being very involved in the local community,” Diem said, adding that the owners might be interested in getting some of the local high school jerseys on the wall and possibly sponsoring a scholarship.

Although the nightclub has been transformed, Diem said he is undecided if there will be some type of nightclub atmosphere at the establishment.

Diem said the Mallet Restaurant and Crab House will not host an under 18 crowd or all-you-can-drink events.

The pub, which is also downstairs next to the multipurpose room, can hold 90 patrons, and has also been remodeled with a new floor.

Diem said video games, a pool table and a shuffle board were added to the pub for entertainment.

“We are also going to have a raw bar in there,” he said, adding that patrons will be able to enjoy shrimp, mussels and clams.

So long Tully’s

On May 26, the Tully’s of Fallston saga officially ended with the dismissal of the licensee’s appeal.

According to Thess, the liquor board received Friday an order dated May 26 signed by Judge Angela Eaves that stated the licensees’ appeal was dismissed with prejudice, meaning the appeal cannot be re-filed.

Licensees George Hyle and Angela Baum, of Tully’s of Fallston, filed for an appeal after their license was revoked in December by the liquor board for multiple violations.

After the liquor board suspended the Tully’s license, Eaves put the suspension on hold, allowing the licensees to keep their license and continue operating throughout the appeal process.

But an eviction notice in early March forced the licensees to shut down the establishment, vacate the premises and turn in their liquor license.

The incident leading to the liquor board’s decision to revoke Tully’s license occurred Halloween weekend, when one man was stabbed and six people were arrested, following what police said was a near riot in the establishment’s parking lot.

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