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Bel Air’s Board of Town Commissioners introduced a new version of its state-mandated stormwater management ordinance at its Monday meeting.

The town’s original ordinance was questioned at the last meeting by several developers, who thought the town was asking for more than what the state required.

The state’s new rules regarding stormwater management, set to go into effect this month, have raised hackles with members of the development community across Maryland, who say it will make redevelopment more difficult.

The legislation requires a larger amount of a site’s impervious surface to be subject to stormwater rules.

Town Administrator Chris Schlehr said Bel Air got permission from the state to use the exact language of its bill, with only wording specific to Bel Air filled in.

“The process became a little cumbersome for the public to understand, even though it was still consistent with the state,” he said.

The new ordinance was also made available online.

A public hearing will be held May 17.

Commissioner Rob Preston talked about the town’s marking of Arbor Day. He said the goal this year is to plant trees along Pennsylvania Avenue between Bond and Main streets.

Preston also noted residents are sometimes upset older trees are being replaced, although he thinks everyone appreciates the ultimate benefit.

“As soon as we go in to cut down old trees and we get new ones, my phone starts to ring,” he said.

Danielle Sim, an eighth-grade student at Harford Day School, was recognized during student recognition.

The board is also holding an additional work session on its budget Thursday at town hall. The session starts at 5:30 p.m.

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