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Students at Darlington Elementary School learned recently that energy never used is both the least expensive and the cleanest energy, when they became the first in Harford County to be treated to Exelon Power’s Energy Carnival, which features games designed to help children learn about renewable and nonrenewable energy and to understand what they can do to help use less energy at home.

The Energy Carnival is a low-tech event using interactive games such as Energy Word Search, Energy Bean Bag Toss and Hog House, which lets students discover for themselves energy wasters such as the energy hogs leaving lights and TV’s on in empty rooms; leaving the refrigerator door open and more subtle issues such as insufficient insulation and hot water heaters turned too high.

Each kindergartner through fifth-grader visited the carnival and left with homework; an Energy Hog Scavenger Hunt designed to help them find out if they have any energy hogs lurking in their homes.

“Helping children understand how electricity is made and how it’s used at home helps them make informed decisions on how they can use less energy which has a positive impact on both their parents’ energy bill and the environment,” said Exelon’s Merrie Street, presenter of the Darlington carnival, in a company news release.

“The Energy Carnival was such a meaningful experience for the students at Darlington Elementary,” added Brenda Taylor, principal of the school. “Students had a hands on opportunity to learn about energy and how it affects their daily lives.”

“Exelon Power’s Energy Carnival is just one way we hope to achieve our goal to reduce, displace, or offset 15 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year by 2020. That equals the emissions of nearly 3 million cars,” Street said.

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