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Students at Edgewood High School joined schools throughout the nation May 3 to help fight childhood obesity for the Let’s Move project.

First Lady Michelle Obama started the initiative about a year ago to promote exercising and community activities. Beyonce then joined the movement by choreographing a dance and putting it online for schools to follow.

Kelly Christ, a dance instructor at Edgewood, entered the school in the competition and taught the routine to her 100 dance students.

She then urged them to teach their friends, resulting in more than 300 students participating in the dancing “flash mob,” which was also taped by WBAL-TV.

“It was really exciting for the kids at Edgewood,” she said, “because they felt like rock stars in front of the camera.”

In their cafeteria, Edgewood students joined thousands of peers throughout the country, who all danced the same routine at 12:42 p.m. CST, or 1:42 p.m. here.

Although Edgewood didn’t get any guest stars such as Beyonce or Michelle Obama like they had hoped, the excitement from the experience still lives on in the school.
“It put a lot of hope into our school community,” she said, “a lot of excitement and pride.”

Edgewood doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation, Christ said, but this event in particular showed that the school has “some awesome things going on.”

Since the segments aired on May 3 and 4, Christ said teachers and students have been playing and sharing the video. Several students have also thanked her, but she insists that the students deserve all of the credit.

“The kids put their heart and soul into this,” she said. “It’s contagious.”

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